Sex With Ron Jeremy.. The Man, The Myth and his Crocs…

This week going to be sooooo much fun with the Nightmoves Show coming up! Nightmoves told me I was going to do some hosting… and I was paired with Ron Jeremy.
(I think the plan is to pair Tory Lane & James Bartholet, Katie Morgan and Evan Stone and me with Ron).


I can’t resist since I know Ron is a good sport making some jokes for the occasion. I mean.. I have had sex with Ron… multiple times. The sex was so good.. he even fell out of bed…


I thought it would be fun to look back on my “Ron” experiences. He is of course one of the most googled if not the most famous adult star to have ever graced this planet. I first met him at Nightmoves 2004… when I was just getting into adult.  I quickly learned that if something had tits, ass and a vagina.. Ron would be close by gravitating and grabbing … (here he is in 2004 with Charlee Chase and again with me and Charlee in 2013) and getting his balls grabbed by Marey Carey up on stage with Sunny Lane.

vah-1021-160-lg vah-6069-107-lg

marey-carey-ron-jeremy-sunny-lane-avn-awards-07 vah-6069-101-lg

Over the years… I have shot 3 times with Ron.  How NONE of my performances got any awards is beyond me (lol).  Yes.. he has a big dick and yes after all these years, girls flock to be with Ron and either grope his balls (or be groped back). His nickname is the Hedgehog and he must have had sex with thousands of girls in his illustrious career…

I first shot in about 2005 a proposed movie “Sexpedition” or ”Addicted to Friction” that was never released (someone in Los Angeles shot and produced the movie but evidently enjoys watching me, Gia, and Ron have sex over and over and over again at his home without releasing it to the general public).  I don’t think anyone has ever seen that movie or has a copy other than the producer but there are some stills from the shoot on my site.

Ron then spoofed Donald Trump in a video called ”The Apprentice XXX”.  Don’t worry… I never frizz my hair like that… the makeup department for the film did that. The video is unavailable on any DVD to my knowledge…

I also shot a movie called ”Sex Trek’ in 2005 that was finally released in 2007… a star trek parody. I played the part of Yeoman Gland in a movie written by Cash Markman aka Marc Cushman who has since gone on to write a well known mainstream book about the history of Star Trek with rights granted to him by creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry (putting his career in porn behind him).

Here are some pics from those videos … the one in the top is how Ron Jeremy looks after I fucked him… (lol).. there are a LOT more personal pics that I took from the set for members of

ronjeremyfucksvickivette52757_092_image      vicky11319081h

ron 16


vah-1213-18-lg   vah-1257-23-lg  vah-1213-39-lg  vah-1213-23-lg

Ron has of course been a frequent and funny awards Nightmoves host…I think wearing the same striped black work out pants that he wore in 2004. Hopefully he will learn a new tune on his trusty harmonica for the show…

BUT I do have to ask.. since I missed the memo.. when did crocs for presenters exactly come in style… and WHICH color crocs will Ron wear this year? Blue? Red? Will he shock us and wear powder blue? Hmmmm who needs dress shows anyway? Not Ron!  It makes it easier to apparently do doggy with girls like Sunny Lane… Maybe I should host in crocs for the show too!

vah-1021-252-lg  vah-1025-92-lg  vah-6071-218-lg vah-6071-305-lg

Whichever crocs Ron decides to wear… who can forget the time Sara Jay caught him backstage taking a nap between awards… one of the only pictures in existence where Ron is NOT grabbing tits within 6 inches of his face…


All joking aside… Ron… you are a legend. You have had some illness in the past (which seems to be in the past) but after all these years you are still showing up to work, doing awards and trying to make people laugh. You still are the hardest working guy I know in porn…  here’s to a great Nightmoves Show. I will also see you at the XBIZ Awards in January 2017 which you are also hosting… xo

If you are a member and close to Florida.. come to the Nightmoves Show this week. The activities last Thursday through Sunday (more details to come).
We have an amazing community of website members here.. I hope you join us sometime for the fun… feel free to comment blow on this blog too!

Vicky Vette
Commander in Briefs
Vette Nation Army (VNA)