Bikini / Mankini Pics!

For Immediate Release:


The XBIZ Bikini and Mankini Contest hosted by @VickyVette and Jeff Dillionaire at the Mondrian Southbeach pool proved to be another rousing success with 17 girls and 7 guys vying for the coveted titles. Both winners were first time participants.

The first place XBIZ Miami Bikini Contest winner was Honduran beauty Dailee Jones who answered a Craigslist ad for the contest. It was her first ever bikini contest after recently moving to Miami from Ocala to try her hand at a modeling career while working at a sports bar.  Dailee posted a winning pic on her Instagram here: Her Latin Hip Hop dancing on stage proved to be an irresistible hit with the crowd. Second place and third place went to @ShawnaLeneeShow and @MelodyKush respectively.

The Bikini Judges were Joey from, Mugur from, James from Walter Sanders CPA of and Mia from

The always amusing Mankini contest was also a hit with the crowd. A fresh face contestant who got his start camming on Chaturbate won the title – Leon who can be found on twitter at @MattSpinicker.

The Mankini Judges were: Asmin from, Holly Ruprecht from, JoMerlone from, Jelena Jensen from CAM4 and and Danny from

Bikini contest winner Dailee Jones says: “I never had the courage to enter a contest before so I was excited to try. I have only just moved to Miami to pursue my dream of modeling so it’s awesome to actually win something. Thank you XBIZ!”

Mankini winner Leon adds: “I am shocked and flattered that I won the contest. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many great looking people. There was a lot of wonderful talent and the competition was fierce! We had so much fun & can’t wait to return!! I am going to buy more boy shorts with the winnings!”

Vicky Vette notes: “You could not have asked for a better location or turn out for the contest this year with so many amazing ladies (and guys). We barely had enough room on stage for all the talent.  Moe and Alec at XBIZ really do a tremendous job putting together such a large event. It’s always one of the funnest industry events I go to. I am already looking forward to 2018.”