Chiller Theatre – Celebs, Collectables, Costumes & HOT Chicks!

If you are close to New Jersey, this weekend I will be at Chiller Theatre Friday- Sunday, October 28-30 at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel, 199 Smith Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054. It’s Halloween weekend. We are expecting a LOT of people in costumes. Look for me with Sunny Lane at our own tables. Last time on one of the days we played cops arresting guests.. how funny is THAT? I met Kim Coates from Sons of Anarchy (Tig Trager), Max Baer from Beverly Hillbillies (Jethro), Weird Al Jankovic, Principal Belding from Saved By The Bell (Dennis Haskins) and even saw the Monkees…. yes… the Monkees.


If you haven’t been to Chiller. It’s a GREAT way to meet me without getting busted by your friends or family for going to a ‘porn convention’. The ‘headliners’ are all film and television actors and the event packs in TONS and TONS of cool memorabilia and collectables. Everything from posters to comics to props. Want a picture with someone you know from TV? This is a great place to do it. Guests include Tim Curry from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, singer Meatloaf, Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie, Martin Landau, Alice Cooper, Meatloaf, Ted Lange from the Love Boat and three stars from ‘Sons of Anarchy’. The full guest list is HERE.

Luckily Chiller invited some adult stars into the mix too too. You can meet me and Sunny Lane at our own tables together. Also in the same room you will find VNA Girls Sara Jay and Jelena Jensen. Also in the house you will find Teri Weigel, Kiara Mia, London Keyes and even infamous ex-adult star Traci Lords. Traci Lords shot to infamy in adult in the 1980’s and has gone on to a successful mainstream career (kudos to her!!). Teri Weigel (who I’ve always wanted to shoot with) had a memorable appearance on Married with Children among other things.


What are my ties to horror????? Well… I am one of only 3 adult stars to ever star in an Indonesian horror movie (Sasha Grey and Tera Patrick being the only other two). My appearance in that movie (‘Pacar Hantu Perawan’) was chronicled in Time Magazine because of Indonesia’s strict stance against adult videos and censorship. I also starred in the very campy and forgettable Indie horror flick ‘F*ckenstein’  …. which I think you can only watch here at because it is not available digitally anywhere else. Low budget horror at its best!


I had a GREAT time with Sunny Lane at the last Chiller. We met a ton of fans and big hugs to the and members who came out to meet us. We got together with some website members for dinner after the show too. If you are a member (or a website member of Sunny Lane, Sara Jay or Jelena Jensen) check the members forum for details. We are likely going to have a members dinner this weekend. I already know some members are flying in for the event like Mike & Connie from Calgary and Handcock from New York. It’s great to see members and it really is the best way for fans to become friends. Last Chiller, among the members who came were George (thanks for driving 3 hours!), Dean and of course Mr. Josh who I think went to masturbate in the mens room after getting a picture (you dirty boy!!). Some of you guys don’t like to be pictured but some pics are below to give you a flavor! There are tons and tons more pictures in the BTS section of

If I do say so myself, is the BEST and most INTERACTIVE website in porn. Yes… come for the porn (that you CANNOT get on any of the ‘free sites’) and STAY for the friendships. We have live interactive camshows every day and people really know each other here. I like to think won AVN’s Best Solo Girl Website 2016 and 2014 for a reason. We make an effort for YOU. Hope to see YOU at the next live event or on cam.

We are likely streaming this event LIVE for website members if you can’t make it to New Jersey!
JOIN and become a part of our amazing community!

xo Vicky.


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