Adultcon Pics – Members With the Girls!

Sorry it took me sooooo long to get these up! It’s been insane ever since we got back from LA. There is just never enough hours in a day, I wish I could clone myself, boy imagine the trouble that could be gotten into then huh? Adultcon, once again was a smash hit for us, we always do so well there. We had a massive booth with 6 girls. It would have been 7 but Gabby got to LA and then had to turn around and go home due to a family hospital emergency. Fran, Carmen, Sara, Angelina, Deauxma and I missed her, but boy we had some fun. We crashed Hooters after the show one day and totally screwed them up, lol.. then of course Sunday night we did our traditional Bullride at Saddleranch. I just posted 175 pics inside the site, but here are a couple of previews for ya!

New girl Angelina with Deauxma! Part of the Bazooka Division!

Members always sticking their noses in!

Great visitors to our booth!
Can’t wait to do it all again in December! Really if it’s at all possible and you are a member of any VNA site, do come see us. Membership has it’s privileges!