5 Years In The VNA…I Love Angelina Castro!

About 5 years ago, Sara Jay told me about this popular Cuban/American girl based in Miami that we should add to the VNA Girls Network. I really wasn’t sure to make of Angelina at first… super hot but what did I know about Cuban booty and if it was going to be a hit with the fans.  There was something about her personality (and huge tits) that convinced me… and in September 2011 AngelinaCastroLive.com was launched.

It was almost an instant hit with the fans which took me by surprise. Angelina is one savvy girl who is not only active on social media on her twitter and instagram but also making huge inroads on Spanish mainstream TV. Over the years she has been in the VNA Girls Network, we have seen all kinds of crazy stuff, whether it was shoots like #TeamBJ (where Angelina and Sara Jay promised blowjobs to ALL their followers if Miami won the NBA Championship) to “Miami Can You Get it Up” when Angelina posted and auditioned guys for porn straight out of Craigslist.

Most important to me above all the porn which her members can’t get enough of, is Angelina’s importance to the community here of members and fans here. Below are some of the pics from VNA events with fans that I thought you might like. She is popular not only with fans globally – but the girls in the VNA and members here really love her.  Pictured are Bobbi Eden, Gabby Quinteros, Charlee Chase, Deauxma, Sara Jay and a couple of website members.

She is funny as hell too… I will never forget the day she was at a Convention and did oil wrestling with Sara Jay with fans. One of the fans stripped naked and showed off huge boner to the crowd (illegal to do in public). It’s the one and ONLY time I have ever seen her walk away from a penis. There was the time she had her grandmother participate in a shoot or when she did a camshow re-enactment of Thanksgiving Day with Ken and Barbie Dolls dressed up as Indians (you had to see it to believe it). Come to think of it she’s done a camshow with a mask of the Queen of England, a video shoot with a bear strapped with a dildo… and walked through the streets of Miami with nothing on. She is entertaining and always trying to put a smile on my face… I have a LOT of stories but those come to mind.

Angelina, you are one of the most genuine and down to earth big titted/phat assed girls from Cuba I have ever met. You are one of a kind… thank you for the last 5 years and here’s to the next 5!

We have an amazing community here…. join the fun and meet Angelina by joining her site OR join mine.  All the sites are included no matter which site you join.  Yes.. join for the porn, but stay for the friendships. This is the ONLY network in porn where fans really do become friends…  xo Vicky









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