Weathermen Suck

me at the beach


I made travel plans to go to South Carolina to a resort. I got a great deal at the last minute because a family had canceled their trip to their three bedroom villa likely because of the threat of Hurricanes Hanna & Ike being tracked by the weather service from Africa. So all my friends said I should be careful and maybe I should not go. Now I realize that there was a tragedy in New Orleans and the surrounding areas suffered misery (in part because the local officials did the wrong things at the wrong time) – does that now mean that every time there is a storm our local officials are going to order evacuations and the news has to go overboard ‘just in case’? T

he entire news team of America went to the beaches of North & South Carolina last night to catch the devastation. What most of the reporters got was a nice day at the beach. Hanna is giving some flooding in Raleigh and Ike is going in a completely different direction and is down to a level 2.

I am not an expert. I am not saying that we do not need warnings. Is our press however not going overboard with by the second trackings of hurricanes which are closer to the African continent rather than the American continent? Mother nature is so much more powerful and unpredictable than any satellite image.

I feel sorry for all the people who canceled trips, all the local businesses that lose the tourist revenue, all the travelers stuck at airports, and all the viewers of CNN & who got bombarded with ‘forcasts’ which are closer to dramatic reenactments than real news reports. I mean how is it news to put on a reporter who is standing on the beach saying – ‘nothing here… it is a nice day!’ or another reporter looking at the traffic in Key West saying ‘looks like Sunday traffic to me, not Saturday’?

Can’t they just report ‘the news’ instead of showing 20 reporters looking at the skies, looking for people on vacation for reactions, and staring at ‘ominous’ skies?

Well I am off to South Carolina….. thanks I guess to CNN & for all the fear for ratings reporting! Just my opinion as always.

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