Warm Your Cockles!

Winter sucks!! Yes, it is cold outside… (at least where I am!)…. soooo, I am doing a Camshow on Sunday @ 5pm…. the ‘Winter Sucks… and so shall I” Camshow. Get your ticket here……..

… guaranteed to “Warm Your Cockles”…. Sunday 2/22 @5pm est
Everyone ready to have your cockles warmed? Aftercam chat @6.15 pm just in case your cockles need a bit more warming up!
swissmiss40-400 (WinCE)

2 responses to “Warm Your Cockles!”

  1. Benny says:

    Don’t tell me you had Rokkerr pose for that promo picture? What a trooper.

  2. vectis says:

    I trust Vicky didn’t look to you for help.

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