Want to Get into the Rear Guard?

There is a story behind this outfit…. a friend on Myspace who is serving in Afghanistan sent me the shirt, a friend who has served in IRAQ sent me the head gear, and the dog tags came courtesy of member Benny. How cool is that?

Yes, we here in the Vette Nation Army are always ready willing and able to show off the rear guard! We are always happy to bring up the rear….. why? Sometimes you don’t have to use a full frontal to achieve a tactical advantage! I call it an ‘ass’ault.

To check out the complete rear guard…. and I mean complete, join me here at http://www.vickyathome.com. By the way, there is tons of stuff going on this week…. the new cam to cam technology is awesome. If you so desire, you can cam with me – two way! Join the Vette Nation Army – where all privates are expected to look down on their commanding officer!

rearguard (Custom)

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