VNA Jacuzzi Cam!

It’s here! It’s here! I’m so excited, I’ve never had my very own spa before! Oh the joy of running 5 miles and relaxing in your very own spa afterwards! The joy of having hot girls over to get frisky with in one’s very own spa! NO bathing suits allowed! Should I tell them they are on cam? hehehe…

We are just setting it up and filling it, figuring out a backdrop for extra privacy, and reading the users manual tonight… it’s already up to 83 degrees, I believe 102 is the magic number?

I see lots of photosets, videos and webcams in my future.

2 responses to “VNA Jacuzzi Cam!”

  1. Personally, I wish it was a tad bigger….I mean, how are you going to fit Rokkerr, you, Deauxma, and Sara in there…let alone all the other VNA hotties???

    But…that will come when you make a million, right??? Heheh…


  2. h0rnytoad1 says:

    wow that is awesome V! happy for you, have lots of naked parties and relaxing moments oh my!

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