Vickyathome Member Monopoly!

I have the best members in the world! A big thanks to Benny on my Members Only Board who created this….. Vickyathome Monopoly. Each of the cards is a reference to some of the people who post regularly and often on the Best Damn Members Only Board on any Paysite around. Think I am kidding? There are over 26,000 posts on over 1600 topics… on everything and anything that anyone wants to talk about. I myself am on the Board almost every day and have posted about 5,000 times. Benny is a graphics guy who can put your likeness into just about anything….. so, come and join the crew of girls, guys and the occasional couple who post on the board! It is where the true friends and fans hang out. It is of course FREE with MEMBERSHIP to VICKYATHOME.COM.


7 responses to “Vickyathome Member Monopoly!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    Funny stuff Benny, lol

  2. Hey?? What happened to the “Anthony attempts to update the forum board” card???

    Or…was that assigned to the “Chance” cards??

    Hummmph. 😛


  3. Benny says:

    Thanks Vicky! You are the bestest!

  4. Brad (accidentaltribe) says:

    HEY, that Dr. told me it was only 300 bucks to get that door knob removed….WTF.

    hahahahaha that was awesome Benny

  5. Benny says:

    Thanks Tribe! You’re a great sport!

  6. Larry says:

    This Benny guy is fantastic and funny. It must be something in his jeans (genes)

  7. vicky says:

    benny is fantastic larry, if you send him a pic on our members board he’ll do “things” to it! lol…

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