Toys for Tatas 2010

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for being invited to participate in the 2001 Odyssey Club’s Toys for Tatas, on Fri, Dec 17, which was broadcast live by the Bubba the Love Sponge Show in Tampa Florida. Aside from getting up at 5:30 (ouch) it was wonderful. I love charities, they are good for the soul. Apparently it is the 2nd year they have done it, so now it’s a tradition! I hope they invite me again next year!

Judging by the amount of people and the lineup of cars down the street, and the pile of toys and cash, I would say it was a huge success!


Another bonus was I got to meet the spunky Janessa Brazil, (who had been there since it started at 6 am) who I’ve been missing at every event we go to! So this time we hung out and even went to get some food together afterwards. She is as sweet as she is sexy!

The dancers at the club worked the night before till closing, and since the event started at 6 am, there was no point in going home or sleeping! lol… No one was feeling any pain that happy morning!

There will be a lot of happy kids over all these bicycles and toys! There were a lot of happy guys and a few girls in the drive through! What a great idea, who ever thought of this concept is a genius!

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