The Magnificent Seven – the Hole in the Ass Gang??!?!

Hi all…….. just a quick shout out. The newest artwork from my man Benny who does this amazing stuff.


Yul Brynner is rolling over in his grave with a boner. Too bad box covers are almost a thing of the past.

In case any of you have missed the boat, the Vette Nation girls who party here now tally seven…. you get them all with one membership.

Vicky Vette
Britney Brooks
Sunny Lane
Sasha Sparks
Michelle Lay
Rebecca Jessop
Shanda Fay

….. and no, I did NOT come up with the cowboy names or the ‘Hole in the Ass Gang’. Expect a cowboy porn week at the VNA real soon. Want to join all the fun here at our community? JUST JOIN HERE – one low monthly membership.


2 responses to “The Magnificent Seven – the Hole in the Ass Gang??!?!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    yall lookin mighty fine there pardner, there be some pretty fillies in these here parts i reckon!

  2. michael says:

    that is so very hot and sexy

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