The All New Supercharged VNA Site:!

So all the work is in the books. If you are a member of the VNA and/or Sara Jay’s site you likely woke up, went to Sara Jay’s site for your daily wankathon and said ‘holy shit… Sara’s website looks different!’ Yes, after a whole bunch of work, with direct input from Sara & lots of behind the scenes programming, your all new is a reality. As with all website relaunches there are a couple of kinks and last changes but it is open for business.

Take a stop by and see what what you think of the all new site. As you know, when you join the VNA & my Official Site you get Sara’s site COMPLETELY FREE! If you have not been a member before, her site is not only jam packed with some particularly hardcore stuff (over 240 exclusive grade A porn) but Sara is religious about her Thursday ‘Booty
Call’ camshows.

Just one of the many benefits to being a member here at the Vette Nation!




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