“Nightmoves” … Twelve Years of Parties & Pics & Girls

NOTE: tons of pictures below…

October is coming up (where has this year gone?!).  Other than Halloween that can only mean one thing… Nightmoves Tampa, the longest running Awards show and event on the east coast celebrating the adult industry.  If some of you have not heard about Nightmoves, it takes place over a four day span and is celebrating its 24th year this year.  Every year Paul & Tracy Allen bring some of the hottest girls in adult to Tampa to party at some of the best strip clubs in Tampa/St Petersburg.

This year, I am co-hosting Nightmoves with Ron Jeremy… yes THAT Ron Jeremy. The Awards show is on Sunday, October 9 at 8pm at the Round Up, 10051 Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, Florida, 33615. This year I am nominated for Social Media Star.  The 3 nights prior to the awards, Nightmoves brings a ”Caravan of Stars” to clubs in the area to party and hang out with fans. This year. the Caravan hits:

4Play Gentlemen’s Club –  Thursday, October 6, 2016
10387 Gandy blvd, St Petersburgh

Bare Assets – Friday, October 7, 2016
1406 US Highway 19 North, Holliday, 34689

Thee Dollhouse – Saturday, October 8, 2016
1010 North Westshore Blvd, Tampa,

There is also a ”Fan Fest” on Saturday, October 8 from Noon-5pm at Bay Harbor Hotel, 7700 Courtney Campbell Cswy, Tampa. Tickets to the Fan Fest and Awards can be found here – https://www.eventbrite.com/d/fl–hudson/nightmoves/?mode=search

It’s been 12 years since I went to my first ever Nightmoves so I thought I would share some of my pictures over the years.  There are tons more in the BTS section of Vickyathome.com for members. In 2004 I was brand new to the business. I got to meet some of the girls in the business I looked up to and overall had an awesome time.  I was VERY new in the business so meeting some of the stars was a very big deal to me…

Here’s the first and only picture of me and Jenna Jameson together in existence …


Nightmoves 2004  is also the year I met VNA Girl Charlee Chase for the first time… (she eventually joined the VNA Network seven years later in 2011 (and we are happy to say she is still with us!).  You can find some GREAT videos of us together on her site and mine


Nightmoves 2004 was a lot of fun…. here are some pics for you to give you an idea… Katie Morgan is there (coming back I think this year. Jessie Jane (can’t believe I didn’t get a pic with her).
vah-1021-67-lg   nightmoves2004vah-1021-158-lgnightmoves2004b  vah-1021-110-lg vah-1021-04-lg

vah-1021-502-lgvah-1021-46-lg vah-1021-177-lg vah-1021-332-lg vah-1021-312-lg 04d

I didn’t live close to Florida and was busy with this website so I didn’t make it back to Nightmoves until 2010.  I was nominated and decided to go.   Happy to say I won my first ever award for Best MILF Entertainer (Editor’s Choice). I also ran into a Vickyathome.com member ‘Jose’ who I personally delivered my Doc Johnson Pussy & Ass to…. (with a kiss)…. and saw Charlee Chase (and Carmen Valentina too).  Both Charlee and Carmen are of course with us in the VNA now….


vah-1025-183-lg vah-1025-127-lg10

Nightmoves 2012 was very special for me….. I went back to Nightmoves with a lot of the VNA Girls.. including Carmen Valentina, Angelina Castro, Sara Jay, Charlee Chase. and even Gabby Quinteros who flew in for the event!  It was a banner year… I was inducted into the Nightmoves Hall of Fame with Tony Batman. The VNA Girls Network won ”Best Multi Site Network”. I also won Best Social Media Star! It was a great time… Charlee Chase AND Sara Jay both won awards for Best Boobs… trust me… I have played with both of their tits and they deserve the awards!  Fun times included meeting Bonnie Rotten for the first time, Sara Jay catching Ron Jeremy asleep backstage and of course.. meeting fans and website members at the events…. there are hundreds more pics in the BTS section of Vickyathome.com if you are a member…

vah-3524-11-lg nm12 nm12b vah-3525-63-lg vah-3525-115-lg vah-3525-321-lg vah-3524-28-lg vah-3526-414-lg vah-3526-40-lg

vah-3526-517-lg vah-3526-525-lg vah-3526-521-lg vah-3526-512-lg vah-3526-473-lg vah-3526-484-lg vah-3526-488-lg vah-3526-152-lg

In 2013…. we had another fun year. From the VNA Girls network including me… Carmen Valentina, Charlee Chase and Gabby Quinteros were all in attendance.  It was the first time Nightmoves had done ”Fan Fest”.. an event at a local hotel to do a meet and greet with fans and website members who came that year.  I got to meet Misty Stone (I think for the first time ever). I also got my first ever pic with Lelu Love… who has since gone on to joining VNALive.com and camming for you every Wednesday. There are tons more pics for you in the BTS section of Vickyathome.com…. including some fun ones in the VIP room at one of the strip joints… xo

vah-4358-42-lg vah-4358-347-lg vah-4358-51-lg vah-4321-81-lg vah-4321-160-lgvah-4321-70-lg vah-4321-149-lg vah-4321-39-lg vah-4321-17-lg

2014 I will always remember as the ”Sunny Lane Nightmoves Awards”.  Sunny Lane flew into town to host the awards and we shot some super hot videos for you to enjoy (go watch them on Vickyathome.com or SunnyLaneLive.com.  Website members like Byron, Hancock and Golfshaft flew into town.  New VNA Girl Cleo came for the first time ever. Lelu Love and Cleo literally tore up the stage with an awesome set that brought down the house. Sunny Lane picked up a Nightmoves Hall of Fame Award (as well as danced for the first time on stage at Deja Vu in Tampa in years. I won my first ever award for Best Boobs… yay for my boobs! I met Dillion Harper for the first time (I’d love to shoot with her and I think she might be coming to Nightmoves THIS year).  I met Penny Pax for the first time ever (couldn’t find that pic sorry)… who has just set up a new website with us!   Fan Fest was fun.. Charlee Chase stopped by and Angelina Castro drove up from Miami to hang out….. and literally ended up flashing her tits outside IHOP at 2am in the morning…

vah-6071-279-lg vah-6071-298-lg vah-6070-123-lg vah-6070-107-lg vah-6070-20-lg vah-6069-50-lg vah-6069-60-lg vah-6069-224-lg  vah-6069-263-lg vah-6068-159-lg vah-6068-88-lg vah-6071-228-lg vah-6071-218-lg

2015 were the “Julia Ann Nightmoves Awards”….. with mega MILF Julia Ann flying in to host the awards with Ron Jeremy (as well as to attend for the first time ever).   VNA ladies in the house included Cleo, Lelu Love, Carmen Valentina and Lauren Phillips (who is setting up a new website with us!). Lauren did a super hot feature set on stage (her first ever).  Lelu Love danced on one of the nights too.  I also got a great pic of mega babe Adriana Chechik. Longtime Vickyathome.com member Walt – that a lot of you know – flew into town from El Paso and hung out with us…. Sara Jay won an award for her company, Wyde Syde Productions.  Julia Ann deservedly was inducted into the Nightmoves Hall of Fame…

vah-6071-203-lg vah-8082-301-lg vah-8082-323-lg vah-8082-184-lg vah-8082-12-lg vah-8082-160-lg vah-8082-158-lg vah-8082-143-lg vah-8082-130-lg vah-8082-440-lg vah-8082-272-lg vah-8082-435-lg


Which brings us all the way up to Nightmoves 2016…. what is going to happen this year? Not sure, but it will always be a party.  I am sure Carmen Valentina, Lelu Love, Cleo and maybe more will be there…

It’s been an amazing 12 years in adult… so far! Seeing all these pics reminds me just how far the VNA Girls Network has come as a community since I first dared to go and see what Nightmoves in Tampa was all about.  If you would have told me that since my first Nightmoves in 2004 that I would not only have my own Official Site plus 28 other sites with 60+ live shows… I would have said…. you’re crazy!

It is not possible to stay in porn without fans like you supporting girls like us and events like Nightmoves. Feel free to come to the events… especially if you are a Vickyathome.com website member or VNA website member. We really do try and get to know the fans and I like to think we have the most interactive website community in porn. If you can’t come to Nightmoves to meet with us in person… grab a Vickyathome.com membership. I will try and stream some of the fun for you live in the cam room (free with your membership).

Hope to see you online soon or at one of the upcoming events! Can’t make it to Nightmoves? We will be at Exxxotica New Jersey in November and then AVN Las Vegas in January. Remember… this site is as interactive as you make it. If you really want to get to know us… it’s very possible….

xo Vicky