Sri Lankans In Sheets Pissed Off!

So I have been getting a ton of hate mail from Sri Lanka, calling me & the Vette Nation blasphemous, vile, materialistic etc. I could not figure it out! Do people from Sri Lanka not get the Vette Nation? Do they not understand adult sexual activity by a Norwegian big chested blonde who has an army of weirdos called the VNA (‘Vette Nation Army’)? What part of my baton is needed to get the people of Sri Lanka to stop sending me emails that I am an infidel? I mean, they got their own batons going on right?

So the mystery has been solved. It seems that the folks in Sri Lanka have a really popular publication called the VNN! The Vaishnava News Network which by all accounts has received 45 million hits. To check them out just go to Now I have nothing against temples, worshipping, and not using shoes per se….. but some of the rules of this organisation seem strict! I mean, I run a loose ship here at the Vette Nation… so long as you don’t use the word ‘wazzup’ in messages to me, and otherwise pledge allegiance to Vickyathome dot com…. I don’t mind if you wear shoes, take medicine, excessively drink milk, or ‘eat luxuriously like a big man’. Do I agree with everything? No… I mean, should everyone ‘surrender to Sri Chaitanya Math’….. and if not be somehow lacking in service so that we are ‘ultimately devoured’

It seems to me, that I would not do too well in such a place. I like shoes, watch Nip Tuck, and don’t surrender to anyone… but why the hate mail? Well…. it seems that the good old folks at have been getting a few Vette Nation News followers confused by the complete lack of sexy pics and vids!!!! Yes, I publish something that I call the VNN (Vette Nation News – sort of like CNN but with Nipple Clamps!) every single week. I think some of the 45 million hits to came from people looking for my VNN. To get MY VNN and the wonderful news it contains in your mailbox, go to and sign up to the newsletter. You can check it out by looking up or just by going to the Official Worshipping Shrine of the Vette Nation otherwise called and hit ‘newsletter’.

So my VNN is much, much ‘different’ that the VNN in Sri Lanka. My VNN has less sheets, more skin, and no restrictions on the amount of milk that you drink. Sorry for the confusion…. this is how I roll in my part of the world. The Vette Nation News is not exactly prime time news, but who cares!

Beam me up Scotty – there are a bunch of angry Sri Lankans dressed in sheets after me!
Vicky Vette
PS This blog was entirely satirical and only designed to make sure you sign up for the VNN newsletter I send out! Do NOT harass the fine people of Sri Lanka! Sheets are cool and who needs shoes and milk anyway?

2 responses to “Sri Lankans In Sheets Pissed Off!”

  1. Dili says:

    We do not obsess over sheets and milk 😛 xD and VNN is NOT SL, its Indian. SL is conservative but not so conservative as to make Bill O’Reilly come and worship us, and certainly not that crazy. xD lolz. More of us pursue a “live and let live” policy despite what most people think. Take it from a Sri Lankan in Sri Lanka that knows Sri Lankans

    Peace \m/

  2. feller469 says:

    it is always funny to me that people blame, in this case, Vicky for the mistakes of others. Tolerance is such a foreign concept in many parts of the world, especially when dealing with other parts of the world.

    Inhale deeply, slowly exhale. Inhale deeply, slowly exhale.

    Now, please let Vicky go back to posting either hot images of her and her friends or strange pictures from around the world.

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