Soapy Boobies!

This is my next update I’m working on… I have almost 200 pics and a video. I don’t like having my picsets more than 100 pics but they seem to always be bigger! Do you guys like big picsets? First I delete whatever is blurry, or eyes closed, or where the flash did not fire. Then I delete bad angles. Then I delete shots are are duplicate or too similar to the one before… but sometimes I still end up with big sets. We just start having too much fun when we are shooting and go on forever, lol… I have seen some websites where the photosets are all 25 -50 pics. Is that too small? I think 100 is a perfect number to totally represent a certain look or idea/scene. What do you guys think?


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  1. HT says:

    you’re right, 25 is way too small. you barely get your hands warm.

    25 is only good for premature ejactulators.

    50 is a good solid, you get a firm grip on your handle.

    100 is alot, but when the subject is this pretty, the more the better.

    200 that’s a full time job! lol way too much imho.

    We appreciate the hard work, finding the blurry and doubles is a full time job 🙂

    One thing tho, i think the slideshow function could be much improved.
    Here’s how, couple lines of code, very simple, you can put in some “sizing info” to make pictures shrink automatically by simply telling the browser to make them as big as the browser itself. it’s a built in function of the browser.

    I’m sure that will also work in the slideshow feature, and this will give your customers a better overall experience on your site.

    Added bonus: We won’t get our mouse and keyboard messy!


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