Previews of Upcoming sets

Just thought I’d share a few of these with you… I shot with a new photographer from the other side of Florida on Monday, and we got such a great deal on the 4 star hotel, that we figured we’d keep it and keep shooting on tuesday.

So I have no pics from my photographer yet lol… I expect a cd sometime next week, but I do have a few previews from what Rokkerr shot.

Take a look!




The full sets will be posted very soon!

7 responses to “Previews of Upcoming sets”

  1. mrjosh says:

    OMG you look amazing.

    It’s going to be torture waiting for these lol.

  2. enigmann says:

    Classic Miami Vice look! Awesome outfit…

  3. kontol kuda says:

    kontolku bucat karena di loco..gak kuat lihat foto kamu say..oohhh..

  4. kontol kuda says:

    kontolku sampai 3x bucat loh say..

  5. army says:

    damn, you very hot !!!!!

  6. Joseph says:

    Vicky, when are you going to make a movie with either Darryl Hanah, or Emma Starr?

  7. vickyshandsaddicted says:

    Vicky, You know it! I can’t resist your sensual look and sensual hands with red nails!!! Amazingly beautiful!

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