Premiere Today! Cam to Cam Chat with Me! New & Free to Members!

Tired and bored of the same old camshows? Camshows putting you to sleep?

Boy do I have news for you! Today I am premiering an all new feature….. CAM TO CAM CHAT! Yes, if you want to show me your penis on cam (or vajaja)….. I will be able to check it out in my afterchat today. Nearly 20 people can now interact on cam as part of all new software that I have installed right here at!

Today! Members Only! SHOW ME YOUR PENIS!
Camshow live @5pm est
Cam to Cam Afterchat @6.15 pm est

Show me what you got! Camshows just got a whole lot more interesting!

….. ps….. if you just wanna watch, that is ok too. It is your option – I am still getting naked and having fun! Hope to see you later!

One response to “Premiere Today! Cam to Cam Chat with Me! New & Free to Members!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    this was fun !

    we must do it again

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