OMG Gas $1.15 gallon!

Over the summer months, the price of a tank of gas went from the mid $2 range to a stunning $4.20 a gallon in the State of Georgia, in the good old USA. Prices went up in a shocking way all over the country.

In Georgia we were told that a Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico was responsible for the shortage. It was so bad that people had to line up at the pumps to get a gallon of gas at the hugely inflated prices. If you turned on CNN, the entire media industry camped out at gas stations, bagged on President Bush for running the country into the ground, and the Presidential candidates either rallied ‘Drill Baby Drill’ (which would give more mining rights to oil companies) or pushed research into fuel alternatives (great but not short term). Opec was blamed, Hurricane’s were blamed, and we had daily reports of the price of gas driving up the cost of a loaf of bread (if it costs you more to ship the bread – the consumer pays more for it in the store). It got so bad, the CEO’s of Exxon were dragged up to Capitol Hill to answer to Congress. People in high places wanted answers and were throwing around words like ‘I will take on the special interest gas companies’.

So suddenly over the course of a matter of weeks… the price has dropped radically with little fanfare. A fill up of gas has gone from over $70 a gallon to less than $20. Should I be happy? Of course. I practically have an orgasm at the pants every time I fill up……………. but I have the following questions:

– why isn’t the drop in fuel helping with the economy? Less money spent on basic things like gas to get to work should mean more expendable cash right?

– why is there no real fanfare? The media practically hung the Administration. Who pointed a missile at who to get the price of a barrel of oil to go from $150 a barrel to less than $50?

– I saw a news report that OPEC is now producing MORE oil than industry can keep up with! Why? I thought they wanted the price to be at least $80 a barrel? Did someone send James Bond over to Saudi Arabia to kick some ass?

– With prices being what they are does this mean Drill Baby Drill is not going to happen or that there is suddenly no need for long term solutions?

I have a few theories – all of course which are premised on the fact that I am a pornstar so my opinions mean nothing (!) The oil companies got so much pressure and were gouging for so long, that they decided to give people a break especially with Barrack Obama winning the election. The oil companies in foreign countries were promised something down the road to ease the pain for a while. Speculators drove the price of oil up beyond normal levels and started pulling out causing a crash.

Can anyone enlighten me why we still have a recession and folks are up on capitol hill asking for an auto bail out when it costs LESS money to drive across country in a Ford in about a decade? Should not car sales be going up since it is so cheap to buy a gallon of gas? I for one am driving my Vette more these days (yes I have an American car) and taking a road trip rather than flying.

Can anyone tell me why the airlines are NOT giving everyone a ‘Fuel Savings Discount’ now that they are paying dramatcially LESS for jet fuel but over the summer gouched everyone with fuel surcharges and extra bag charges?

Can anyone shed some light on why the media does not have its’ reporters researching why the price of oil is so much lower and who pulled the plug on prices?

Just curious……………. it made no sense when the price of oil skyrocketed. It makes no sense that the price is about the price of a $1 burger at Burger King. Does one of my 25,000 friends have a quick answer? Is this one of those things that the general public never will be privy to but somewhere in Washington there is a file called “Oil Price Memos – Top Secret!”?

Sorry to interrupt my pornographic career with this issue….. I promise to get back to that as soon as I get off the computer.

gary red

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