Off for a run

Gonna try to do 4 miles today, had a good week so far, Sun ran 4 miles, Mon 4 miles, Tue off, Wed ran 6 miles, and yesterday off. So another 4 today will bring me to 18 miles so far for the week. Another 4 tomorrow and I will be at 22 miles for the week, right on target! Funny though, neither me nor Loki has lost a pound! Must be the bagels and cream cheese! lol… Check in with you later!

One response to “Off for a run”

  1. Laura Jeb And Sue says:


    Are you eating bagels and cream cheese too. Wow, 22 miles on those little legs in one week!

    Happy 2009 all,

    Laura, Jeb, Sue and Dixie too!

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