Nominated for Best Boobs!

Yay! Well it’s about freaking time, lol…. finally I’m nominated for Best Boobs over at Nightmoves! Can you do me favor and drop me a vote? It only takes a second! I was only nominated for BEST BOOBS one other time in the Fame Awards a long time ago, and the contest was almost over by the time I found out about it.. I was very new at the time, lol….

So if you think these are worthy, click here, scroll down to about the 10th category and vote for my BOOBS!!!!!

While you are there, if you have the time, fill in a full VNA ticket, with a vote for Julia Ann for Best Milf, Angelina Castro for Best BBW, Eva Lin for Best Tranny, Nikki Benz for Best Feature Dancer, and Sunny Lane for Best Ass!

One response to “Nominated for Best Boobs!”

  1. H0rnytoad1 says:

    Nominated for Best Boobs ?

    Well i coulda told you that 😉

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