My Geckco is still here! That’s amazing!

This gecko has outsmarted a jack russell terrior and is now taking over the kitchen. Yep while we are not here he roams the house, eating and partying. He now goes behind the stove and the dishwasher and doesn’t run when we walk around the kitchen. He is getting braver and braver. Dave still refers to him as “deadman walking” lol…

Question: What do you call a gecko that can’t get it up?

Answer: He has irreptile disfunction! LOL LOL LOL…


Geckos are small lizards with big heads and big eyes.
There are about 800 different kinds of geckos.
Geckos live in places where the weather is warm.
Geckos eat beetles and all kinds of insects.

Geckos are a family of lizards. There are around 800 different species, or kinds, of gecko.

They are from 3.5 – 35 centimetres in length. Their thin skin is covered with small bumps or scales and is usually grey or brown.

A young leopard gecko

Some species can change colour to protect themselves. Most species can also drop their tails when threatened or attacked. A new, shorter tail grows back in its place.

Most geckos have wide toes which are covered with flaps of bristle covered skin. The bristles help the animals to walk on smooth surfaces.

Where they live
Geckos are widespread throughout warmer parts of the world in habitats including deserts and rainforests. Some
live on the ground while other climb trees and live there.

What they eat
Geckos hunt prey usually at night. The pupils of their large eyes open wide and help them see in the dark. Geckos eat insects of all kinds. Larger species of gecko such as the Caledonian gecko can catch and eat young lizards, mice and small birds.

Did you know? Most geckos don’t have eyelids and they keep their eyes clean and moist by washing them with their tongues.

Life Cycle
After mating with a male gecko, most female geckos lay soft-shelled eggs which soon harden. They are sticky and are left stuck to the sides of cracks and holes in walls or under bark and stones by the females.

Did you know? There are some species of geckos in New Zealand which give birth to live young.

What is their status?
Geckos are common. They are harmless to humans and are not endangered.

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