March’s VNN News

The March Issue of the VNN Magazine is Finally here.



A Big thanks to Walt one of Vicky’s Longest serving members for his time and efforts in selecting the photos of Vicky that were used on the covers.

We start this month with a preview of photos posted by the girls from Adultcon, Thanks also to CaseyT for his screen caps.

If all goes well I hope to bring you a VNA Adultcon special next Month.



Page 1

I have now Created 6 Virtual VNA Girls and for the first time every the 6 appear together.

Some may remember last years Mock Adultcon Both I created, This year I have added a little extra.


Back row Left to Right – Vicky, Bobbi, Shandafay
Front row Left to Right – Carmen, Sunny, Julia Ann

Page 2

Boy these legs are fantastic


A quick look at the Virtual world of the VNA

Shandafay Bobbi and Vicky.


Julia Ann Carmen and Sunny


Page 3

It’s taken me months to finally get her right.

Bobbi Eden


That about it for this Month, check out the VNA Members Board for a Full Version on this months Magazine, Have a great Easter. – Mike.

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  1. kevin says:

    I love masturbating to your pictures, I do it everyday, your the hottest girl ever!

    / 20 old guy

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