Los Angeles YMCA Stair Climb Charity Event Fri, Sep 24, 2010

Since we are still in Lala land, and this event was taking place 2 blocks from our downtown hotel, I figured I would be nuts to miss it! DSC 0248DSC 0235
I still don’t know my time yet, as they haven’t posted the results but I don’t think I sucked! There were approximately 3000 runners and I’m guessing they raised $400,000 for children’s causes? We’ll know this week.

We ran up (walked/crawled is more like it, lol) 1500 steps, or 1000 feet, or 75 flights of stairs! Now that I have a taste for it, I’m going to seek out more events like this, at the Empire State Bldg in NYC and the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Reno and Michelle came out to support me, (but I think she really came for the firemen!)
DSC 0256

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