So yes, it is here!! By popular demand, me getting down and dirty in a restroom near you is back!!! When I first decided to go exclusive to my website it was with the help of good ol’ lavatory occupied…. started quite by chance with some much needed relief in restrooms such as on a D***a flight, at the Beverly W***ire Hotel, in a tunnel restroom in Austria, and a restaurant loo in Venice. ….. not busted yet. And so it returns! ‘What happens at the ski chalet… stays at the ski chalet’. I went skiing and needed something to warm me up. We managed to not get caught, filmed it, and now the series thas seven episodes!! DOWNLOAD ALL SEVEN EPISODES AT MY SITE. YOU CANNOT GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE.

By the way, the next time you are relieving yourself, you better check the stall next to you…. 🙂


One response to “LAVATORY OCCUPIED #7!”

  1. Laura Jeb And Sue says:

    Trio thanks you!!! Hugs and Licks all over.

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