Jerry’s Deli vs Solly’s?

On Monday after our shoot with the milfaliscious Deauxma, we went to eat breakfast at Jerry’s Deli (it was 4 pm but the first chance I had to eat that day, lol). I used to eat at various Jerry’s all over the LA area when I stayed here on and off with Rokkerr in years past. It used to be so good! Big portions and great service.

Well I gotta tell you it sucked! My corned beef on rye that I had been envisioning piled high and juicy, was a poor excuse for a sandwich. A tiny fatty tasteless grey colored matter plopped in the middle of 2 very small pieces of rye bread. Not even any mustard on it, I had to ask for it. What a disappointment, and it wasn’t cheap either. No more Jerry’s for me.

So yesterday after my Aim test, I went to Solly’s around the corner. A funny thing though – the menu was identical. I mean completely identical. But the service was better, very quick, and I got a nice big corned beef platter with salad and fruit. All fresh and colorful. She even brought water for our dogs.

When I’m done porn, I’m going to be a restaurant critic. God knows I go to enough of them!

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