Invite to party and giving away free stuff!

There are 5 days left in the Freeones contest, just wanna make sure you are voting! I know it’s a bit of a pain that’s why I only do one contest a year, so I don’t have to bug my fans and members too much. However this one is important, and it only takes one minute to give back, I really work hard for my members and fanbase day in day out, all year long, every year. I have come in 2nd and 3rd in this contest, please make this my year to be 1st!  I won the first two rounds, maybe we can finally win this year.

CLICK HERE ———>>>>>    DAILY for the next seven days vote!

Before you vote, do you mind signing up for a FREE Freeones Account here >>> Votes count for a lot more than anonymous votes & you get some free stuff from Freeones too. If you don’t mind if you don’t sign up for a freeones account, I would really appreciate it. Whatever you do just vote!

Also I would like to invite you to the Freeones party, it will be held at THE MANSION,  Sat night, May 19th 1235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 305-695-8411 Come buy me a drink! If you want to go, get on the guest list here:

Finally….. I am giving fans who vote for me FREE STUFF. If you are voting LET ME KNOW. I will randomly select winners for FREE DVD’s, 8×10’s and other goodies!!

LET M KNOW YOU VOTED!!!!!!! (email me back)


XOXOXO Sticky Vicky

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