Immortalizing My Vajaja!! Thanks Doc Johnson, my ma, my pa, my costars, the fans….

There are tons of ways that a person can get honored for contributions to society. The civilized race has been doing it for centuries. Lord Nelson was killed in action at Trafalgar and the Brits put up a statue in his honor. Paul McCartney wrote some of the best songs in the world and was Knighted by the Queen (thanks Sir Paul), Merryl Streep puts in a stunning performance and is awarded with a little statue called an Oscar, the Giants win the Super Bowl and they get a trophy.

All stunning and worthy awards – but NONE of them I bet have ever been given the honor of having their private parts cast for future use all over the world!!

Yes, yesterday I reached a new milestone (or low depending on how you see it). I have been given the prestigious honor by the best adult toy manufacturer in the world of having my private parts cast – yes, my vajaja has been cast so that it can be reproduced and used – over and over again – all around the world. As long as you have some batteries, my vajaja can be used for hours!

Now before you all go off making a bunch of jokes about my vajaja already having been used over and over again, I am proud of this significant milestone in my career because I am the first MILF ever to have been cast by Doc Johnson in the history of their 30 year company. Not sure what they see in my vajaja to give me such an honor, but I will take it! There are tons of hot MILFS in the world worthy of such an honor, but they have bestowed it on me. Sooooo….coming soon to an adult store near you………. an exact replica of my vajaja. Put it up on a mantlepiece, give it out as a present to your friends, use it as a cigarette holder, or even a paper weight….. my vajaja has multiple uses.

I don’t mind how you use my vajaja…. just treat it with respect, keep the batteries fresh, and keep it clean. So there you have it bloggers… what is next for Vicky Vette? Well, the fine folks at Doc Johnson are already talking about immortalizing my boobles & my facial features (including my mouth)…… not sure why, but I am sure they have something in mind!

So who to thank for this honor? Doc Johnson of course, all the people I worked with over the years (errrr too many to name if you have seen the list of my movies), my mother and father for having such good genes that my vajaja turned out worthy of being cast, and of course the fans…. without whose looking at my vajaja over and over again would not have led to this award!

When can you get your hands on my vajaja? Well there is production, artwork, packaging and things of that nature to be done, but later this year maybe. Stay tuned!

Beam me up Scotty!

These people want to have sex with my body parts!
Vicky Vette!

5 responses to “Immortalizing My Vajaja!! Thanks Doc Johnson, my ma, my pa, my costars, the fans….”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    That is so cool Miss Vette!

    Your very own plaster cast of your very own, and soon the boobbles and face?

    Gee i wonder what it could be for …

    Wonder and merriment comes accross my face, i might just be 1st in line to buy one !

    some ppl camp out for starwars and startrek movie tickets, i’d be the 1st to camp out for a cast or fleshlight ! lol

    They’d have to shoe me away since its not for a long time (later this year) , well i bet it comes out before xmas.

  2. feller469 says:

    Is that Hostess twinkie filling or did Rocker have a particularly heavy day?

  3. d_jologs says:

    I want the job of pussy caster.

  4. Jack460 says:

    Man what a deal,truely incredible,my own personal cast of Vicky’s vajaja my mind is allready wondering,Does it come with its own little patch of pubic hair too?Jack460

  5. Laura Jeb And Sue says:

    Wow! Now even Stiffless could get some pussy!

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