I’m soooo homesick! – Chat tongiht!

I miss my house, my comfy log bed, by deck, my neighbors, my jogging trails, my 20 inch monitor, and the dogs miss their yard! We left for LA in March! Now it’s May! It was was wonderful trip with much accomplished, but it’s time to get home!

We are in Oklahoma somewhere as I write this. Only about 800 miles left to go on this trip. The odometer will clock over 5000 miles since we left including our side trip to Reno to visit Sunny at the Bunny Ranch.

Today we lost a tire, of course it would happen when I was driving. All the rubber went flying off the tire, why it didn’t blow I have no idea. The ripped rubber caught the corner of the wheel well and tore some of the metal off. I was able to pull over, put the hazards on and drive 5 miles per hour to the nearest tire shop which was 10 miles away.

We were in the middle of nowhere. I swore I heard banjos playing off in the distance. Too bad the camera was dead (battery) or I would have taken a picture of the tire shop. There were huge mixed breed dogs everywhere, actually chasing our car.

Rokkerr said, “I promise I will never complain to you again about living in the middle of nowhere! Until now I thought we were remote!”

All ended well, we are back on the road! We plan on sleeping in Memphis, TN tonight. So look for me in chat tonight, midnight eastern, 9 pacific, from somewhere near Graceland! I’ll say hello to Elvis for ya!

One response to “I’m soooo homesick! – Chat tongiht!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    Elvis land, that must be a great fun place, lots of memorabilia, good food, good people, memphis baby !

    The Queen has left the building!

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