If you like spankings?

Just did this most awesome update, this was completely by chance! Two of my really great friends who had never met before started to get it on spontaneously. They had just met barely 20 minutes earlier! I knew they would hit it off but really! lol… SJ was just walking around checking out Nina’s dungeon for the first time, commenting on the equipment and there you go! Thank goodness Rokkerr was nearby and grabbed the camera and started filming…

All members of vickyathome.com, ninahartley.com and sashasparks.com get this video of course! This is real and sizzling hot! I’ve never seen SJ cum soooooo hard! She really really liked it! But Nina has that effect on people….

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  1. feller469 says:

    Honestly, do these pics need any comment? Wow!

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