I am not Laura!


It has come to my attention that the good people at some dating websites – you know the ones – where you click see ads for girls and guys supposedly living down the street from you, hot, making tons of money, down to earth but firty, single and with a great smileā€¦. have been doing me the honor of using my picture in fake profiles all over the place.

No, I have never used the names Laura or Karen – I do not live down the street from you, and I am certainly not 24, 31, or 37 (as some of the profiles say). Sorry to bum you out but I am not seeking a date in Cleveland, Dallas or Los Angeles under a fake name.
Vicky Vette is not Laura
On a serious note, I really am not a fan of the dating websites. The really really big ones are praying on single people with ads such as the ones featuring me. While it is possible to meet someone online – just be careful. There are some websites that use free adult movies simply to get traffic to send people to unscrupulous dating services so that you sign up on the hopes of meeting a hot girl or guy. If it looks to good to be true – it just might.

If you have had a good experience with a dating site, perhaps you can post it here. Same thing for a bad experience. Anyone want to have a date???? lol.


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  1. Peter Harris says:

    I have gone on dating websites; I met my second girlfriend through one of them. I suspect that many of the ladies who appear on these sites are ringers who post fake photos or no photos. That’s not to say they are all bad, or don’t make good company. But it’s easy for some woman to submit a picture of Vicky and pose as her for some reason. There are probably plenty of pretty women who pose for pictures for their sweethearts or for fun, who get their pictures published later on. I don’t know much about that. I would think there is only one Vicky Vette and I believe she is spoken for. The rest of us will just have to find our equals.

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