Holy Moly! Vickyathome Just Nominated for FAVORITE STAR WEBSITE BY THE FANS! FAME AWARDS!

When something is unexpected it is sweet. Today, as I was sipping on my daily coffee (shaken not stirred) I was told that my Official site http://www.VICKYATHOME.com had been nominated by the fans for a FAME award for best Star Website.

I have to be honest, since I am a web girl, I did not focus on the awards since they are dominated by the major adult studios and the girls who make their movies. The complete nominations by the fans by website:


This was a wild card category… ie that category got the most votes out of anyof the wild card categories and a write in by the fans. To be nominated, people had to take the trouble to write in ‘VICKYATHOME’. It is an amazing thing to be nominated. We try as hard as possible to put the best site on the planet. It has grown by leaps and bounds recently with the signings of Sunny Lane, Britney Brooks, & Michelle Lay. While I am proud of the site and the silliness that is the Vette Nation Army (yes, it is silly and tongue in cheek) maybe people are starting to get the joke. Maybe people are starting to realize that http://www.VICKYATHOME.com is a cool spot to hang out and get their daily dose of adult. To be nominated by the fans makes me want to work even harder to provide a site everyone can have fun and enjoy. Win or lose, this made my day.

Thanks to anyone who voted! Now do me a favor and drop a vote RIGHT NOW. Who knows maybe this could be another Booble competition and we can shock the world with a win!?!? If not, it still is great news for this 43 year old MILF.


Beam me up Scotty! It is time to crack open some bubbly!

Vicky Vette

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