Happy July 4th! Independence Day!

Independence Day Yaaaay!

Well you gotta love this country! Some folks bash it from time to time but the USA is a tremendous place. People take the First Amendement for granted sometimes, but not me. It was not so long ago that a person exposing their ankles in public was frowned upon. The Constitution of the USA is an amazing thing – now if only we could get some of the people interpreting the darn thing be more consistent with its application. It is always troubling to me when anyone goes to jail or prison for expression. Having said that, when you think that some countries in the world don’t have a version of the First Amendment at all and do things like filter the internet, I say…. thanks USA and happy independence day! I bet Ben Franklin would have been a member of http://www.vickyathome.com.

It is also happy independence day in the sense that my site and network remains COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT FROM CORPORATE ADULT. Only in the USA can be you build up a successful network of websites from the ground up and, with hard work do it all without any corporate ownership. We are independent and proud of it.

Not planning on going to the barbecues today and want to wank instead? Join our network of websites and say hello to me, Nina, Sunny, Sasha, Michelle, & Britney on the Best Damn Members Board on any paysite in the world! Membership is about $25 a month.

Stay safe today folks!

Vicky Vette

3 responses to “Happy July 4th! Independence Day!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    Happy 4th usa!! love the pose, wow that’s some flex-ability !!!

  2. Drugs Bunny says:

    Hey great site Vicky. Myspace sucks since they wont let you use the link.

    Hell of a long way from the old TAESN days huh?

  3. Gio says:

    Happy Independence Day, Vicky! And, all i can say about that pose in that bikini is God bless America! :p

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