Had to share a few of these!

I just love this set so much I had to share a few of these pics for free! Last week I went to SouthEast Florida to shoot with Rubberdoll and Puma. Puma and I haven’t seen each other for years! How silly because we always have so much fun together! We have a lot in common and balance each other out in many ways. The members cringed when we started speaking Swedish/Norwegian together on cam. Well we made up for lost time and shot a whole bunch!

One response to “Had to share a few of these!”

  1. Vickyfan says:

    Wow, you look so hot in this red habit and the black fishnets. I´d like to be with you and I´d like to give you my large strong hard cock. At the end you can get all my white sperm into your body!

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