Gearing Up For The Premiere of JACUZZICAM! Get Your Tickets Today!

I want to thank everyone for coming to the cam2cam with me today… one of the biggest I think we have ever had, with a lot of you (and me)… getting off on a Friday night 🙂 Seems things are picking up around here!!! Soooooooooo….. let’s take things to the next level!

Sunday is the premiere of JACUZZICAM…. which we are gonna kick off with a live Camshow… with sound…. on Sunday at 3pm est (Nov 22). This is a premiere… ALL LIVE. If all goes well we will try an aftercam too…. depending on the technolgy and if we fry the cam with the water!!!

See you Sunday!! Get your ticket today for JACUZZICAM – all included in your low monthly membership – no per minute charges… EVER!



3 responses to “Gearing Up For The Premiere of JACUZZICAM! Get Your Tickets Today!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    cool, sounds like allot of fun, plz tell me the neighboors will be gone for the day… 😉

  2. cengiz says:

    harbi güzel hatun ya

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