‘Flakeeramadramaitis Syndrome’

So far so good… neither lucious Bailey Brooks, nor Britney Brooks, have cancelled so far! Yes, three days after booking appearances for the VNA this weekend, the Brooks’ (unrelated except in hotness) have yet to call me with words to the effect ‘my granma just keeled over’, ‘boy I am sick, I think I have influenza’, ‘my ex just ran off with my 4×4’ or ‘I am making my last call to you from jail’. Why do I raise this? Models cancel…. all the time using the craziest of excuses. It does not matter if gradma is safely playing bingo at the local Indian casino…. if grandma can be used as an excuse not to shoot…. she will buried 5, maybe 6 times in a models career. Not sure why it runs in the profession but Los Angeles models are especially prone to ‘Flakeeramadramaitis Syndrome’ – perhaps these two Georgia Belles will buck the trend ….. errrr fuck the trend, and BOTH show up! I sure hope so! Anyway, barring any late cancellations because grandma could not make it through bingo… Bailey & Britney will be strutting their awesomeness this Saturday (Britney on the right) and Sunday (Bailey on the right) for camshows at 4pm est – 8 pm est. Keep your penis’ crossed!


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