Bad Press

Thanks for Getting Me a Bunch of Bad Press Vette Nation

Alright which one of you is responsible? This is taking the Vette Nation too far and getting some bad press………. off the wires….

vette nation gone too far!

“World police are searching for one or more Vicky Vette fans responsible for the vandalism of some of the worlds most famous artwork! Has the Vette Nation become obsessed? Vicky Vette was reached by VNN for a comment: ‘When I said let’s show the world how popular the Vette Nation is…. someone took it a bit far!’ Police do not know if the the attacks on world artwork are the doing of just one Vette freak or an carefully orchestrated group of fanatics. Says, Jack Meehoff of Scotland Yard: ‘Keep your eyes out for any men with a bulge in their pockets at your local museums’”

Try to be a bit more discreet in the way you spread the word about your Viking queen… ok guys!?

2 responses to “Bad Press”

  1. I don’t know if you should consider it bad publicity. “Vicky Vette” is a pretty easy name to spell.

    I can’t condone what they did, but I’ve got to admit it makes me laugh.

  2. h0rnytoad1 says:

    This looks like a job for the Pink Panther, Ta da da dum….

    Or inspect her gardet

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