An All New Fetish! Casting for Pleasure!

So here it is, when I saw the pictues from yesterday I thought to myself how come there is no fetish for face casting? They have all kinds of restrictive things in the bondage/fetish world. You can be tied up, hogtied, bound, chained, whipped, enslaved, shackled for pleasure – why not be told to sit in a gynocologist chair, instructed to lay back, have a very wide tube shoved in your mouth, a plasticy mold poured all over your face, bandages placed on you and be ordered ‘Vicky – don’t move! Don’t speak! Don’t move your lips!” Maybe I should shoot an adult scene like this… yes, that is my tongue you see protruding through the tube.

Sound like bongage? Sound like some fetishy torture? Before you all wonder whether there is going to be a penis shoved down the tube…. this is NOT some sick fetish……..just sweetie Diana from Doc Johnson at work creating what will become a mold of my face for future use by the amazingly creating people at the bestest adult toy manufacturer in the world. Yes, the people at Doc Johnson know their stuff! I wonder if they take joy in telling a pornstar to strip down, wear no makeup, and lay back while we play with your body parts! Ha Ha. Thanks Doc, Chad, Ron, Lavi, Diana & the gang – I got off….. and at least got a couple of your amazing Doc Johnson pink vibrators out the deal yesterday! I have already worn out the batteries getting off on the experience.

Coming to an adult store near you….. from what I have seen, the end result is going to be amazing! More pictures to come tomorrow. I am still taking the molding out my ears!

Beam me up Scotty!

These people are trying to recreate me!
Vicky Vette

IMG 0031

IMG 0045

One response to “An All New Fetish! Casting for Pleasure!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    aww man rokker got your whole face this time! how long did he go “with out” for this huge load ? lol

    seriously, that is some fetish i would probly prefer to be on the giving end than receiving, lol,

    but hey atleast we won’t get you in the eye again 😉

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