A Few Pics of FanFest and DejaVu Tampa Last Night

I will have a whole set of BTS pics for my site and Gabby’s, Carmen’s, and Charlee’s, but those pics are still in the camera. Here are a few phone pics for now!

20131012_141034 20131012_165346 phonepic01 phonepic02

I so wish I could have stayed longer to see the feature performances like Nikki Delano, but I stayed as late as I could. We left at 1 because we had to get up at 7 am and drive the 9 hours back to Georgia today. Unless I missed them when I was in the VIP room getting groped by Carmen and Charlee, lol.. but I don’t think so…. phonepic05 Night Moves phonepic07 phonepic09 phonepic10 phonepic14 phonepic16 phonepic18

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