A Boob Chart to Help You in Your Boob Review….

Well, I like to think of Vickyathome as one of the Best Boobs sites on the net. I was lucky enough to be voted Booble Girl of the Year 2008…. and we have tons and tons of boobs fo you to enjoy here, whether mine, or some of the top boobs in the business…. so, whether you like cranberries, pears, balloons or blockbusters…. hopefully we have something that fits your taste! So, start your boob quest today…. right here at the best damn boob site on the internet….. who wants to be brave enough to tell me what category mine fall into?


6 responses to “A Boob Chart to Help You in Your Boob Review….”

  1. marco says:

    dear Vicky your boobs are beautiful and for me are pointers 🙂 but not only boobs are good on you all the rest !

  2. Gio says:

    I am gonna say pionters And, i do love your boobs, Vicky! 🙂

  3. Cross between grapefruits and pointers…yet a tad larger than both, but not quite balloons.

    All the lovelier, nevertheless. 🙂


  4. vectis says:

    Although not a on the list I would have voted for Galia melons

  5. Sasha Sparks says:

    yep, pointers and grapefruits. a perfect combo!

  6. Julie says:

    I’d have to say grapefriuts and pointers mmm, yes beautiful you are amazing!!!!!!

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