Yup, Miss Freeones is Baaaaaaaack!

Don’t ask me why, since it ended April 1, but the 2011 version is here. It lasts from now until December 31. I am nominted in 4 categories:

Miss Freeones
Best Webcam model

1. Register at Freeones: (optional BUT registration gives more weight to the votes) > http://my.freeones.com/cgi-bin/register.cgi

2. Vote for me: http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=169
Bookmark that link or if you cannot remember it… bookmark http://www.vote4vette.com. When you go to my page, check off the categories in the lower left corner and press ‘vote’

3. You get 10 votes a day right now. Please vote VNA!
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=121 Sara Jay
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=169 Vicky Vette
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=404 Gabby Quinteros
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=128 Shanda Fay
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=141 Sunny Lane
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=252 Bobbi Eden
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=281 Deauxma
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=264 Carmen
http://www.missfreeones.com/bio.html&contestant=430 Francesca Le

Yes it is a pain, and yes a lot of work. LAST TIME WE CAME SECOND. With your help, maybe we can pull off a win?!

Get your votes in please!!


Kisses! Vicky Vette


2 responses to “Yup, Miss Freeones is Baaaaaaaack!”

  1. blade77 says:

    voted for u in all 4 categories sweetie <3 and i registerd in freeones i will try to vote for you everyday

  2. SigersonLTD says:

    Saw a tweet to vote for you, and then I did, but by the time I got back, your tweet had gone away….

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