Senator Chuck Grassley better not call me as an expert witness to his new Senate inquiry!!! A few days ago, CNN & Anderson Cooper were blaring out a news story dealing with a “Senate porn inquiry”. The shocking story? It seems that people look at porn at work. I for one was first shocked, then outraged, and then….. just darn proud of our government at work. At least I know the new spending package is being put to good use.

It seems Senator Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee fired off a letter to the National Science Foundation’s inspector general requesting all documents related “abuse of NSF IT resources” cited in the foundation’s 68-page semiannual report which deals with the watching, downloading and e-mailing porn, sometimes for significant portions of their workdays, and over periods of months or even years.

Anderson Cooper & CNN should be ashamed to run this story. Sorry, to break this news flash but I know you do it at work, and what time you are doing it, even the types of computers you are doing it from. I get statistics from all over the world for my adult website, updated daily. The number one time that people are looking at the lurid pages of Vickyathome? 5.00 pm. – right as people are getting off work, but before they have time to shut down their computers. I was surprised since I always figured 11pm just before bed. Nope…. it seems the majority of folks like to get off as they are getting off… work. Quick relaxation before leaving the office and before getting home, and at least if busted the ‘handy’ excuse of “I was off the clock boss!”

So yes…. you are doing it at work. I know you are doing it at work. If I get called to a Senate Inquiry, I will tell the Senators how you do it at work and give a demonstration of what you are doing with their tax payer dollars on government machines.

On a serious note……… who cares and why is this a news flash? Everyone looks at or sneaks in a bit of adult once and while. Why did this even have to be a news story…. because Anderson Cooper loves using the word ‘porn’ in the same sentence as ‘government’. Guess it makes him ‘happy’.

I close this blog with a fail safe mechnism to save you the next time you think of looking at adult material on a government website…. Senator Grassley’s photo. Think about that man investigating you the next time you unzip underneath your office desk. It might deter such disgusting behaviour. Perhaps Senator Grassley should send his likeness to be hung in all government offices as a deterrent to all!


Beam me up Scotty – why are these people so pent up!?

Vicky Vette

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  2. Peter Harris says:

    I am actually lucky. I cannot access porn at work, and don’t want to. In each case, computer access is blocked to most or all of the World Wide Web. In one case, doing my job is more fun; in the other case, there isn’t really time to look at porn because I’m operating a telephone and taking calls at irregular intervals.

    What I would like to know is how often do you find a streak of self-puritanism in people who watch porn and really don’t like it? I guess alcoholics or other addicts can really grow to dislike what they take, but they still have to take it. Seems like those people might be the ones who would want to restrict access to porn to try to fight against themselves.

  3. Funny thing about this story is that Grassley is considered to be one of the more moderate Republicans out there; kinda surprising that he would be the one to raise the stink over this issue and not a fundie firebrand like DeMint or Brownback or “Box Turtle” Coryn.

    Either way, it’s just as you said: a lot of nonsense. Even if they spent “taxpayer’s money” (i.e., their salaries) on accessing porn, it’s still their money to use as they see fit, and as long as they don’t use official government servers to access porn (and don’t they use filters to block out porn anyway??) I fail to see why this is such a big issue.

    Oh, I forgot….the Repubs are in a distinct minority and are one Republican cabinet appointment away from losing their filibuster hammer. I guess they have to feed their right-wing base something to fan their dying flames.

    And…wasn’t all this supposedly happening during the Bush Administration??? You know…that very regime that was so hot on wiping porn off the face of the earth to the point of firing US Attorneys that would not prosecute cases against adult media??? So why were they so lax in going after so much porn passing through this department?? Because it was the NSF, and you know how Dubya and his minions feel about most science???

    Personally, more porn (especially more porn of you) beats a dull day at the office any day of the week.

    And yeah…Grassley’s grill’s only one that his mom would like.


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