WPB to ATL yesterday

Omg what a long drive! Rokkerr and I shared the driving, I did one hour, he did eleven. 🙂 Us women have it made don’t we? I even slept some on the way home. I was so sad to leave sunny florida, it was so easy to get used to the eternal sunshine, ocean waves, clean fresh smell, bikinis and happy people!

The nude beach I was planning on visiting, McArthur, has been turned into a state park, not sure when, but I went to the gate house, and asked the 60ish lady inside, if it was true what I had read on the internet, that nude sunbathing was allowed here, she said NO not anymore! lol…. good thing I asked! Wouldn’t want to be arrested!

The one model I had scheduled to shoot with down there totally blew me off, preferring to go out with friends the day we were supposed to shoot, what a surprise. Hmmm maybe I should devote an entire blog to that subject? Why not – I don’t have enough enemies right? lol….

So Rokkerr and I shot some nice stuff on our own. The place we rented was really nicely appointed and made a great backdrop. We shot a solo fantasy phone sex scene, a Danni’s Hard Drive style strip tease, a really pretty solo masturbation (very girly I know, but the gold lacy bedspread looked awesome with my bright purple lingerie) with my insane hitachi plugin massager, and a “vibrate your balls till you spray 5 feet” blowjob scene. I can’t wait to see this stuff once it’s edited and has music!

We stopped in St. Augustine on the way back, making the trip a little longer, but we love it there, the antique shops, the millions of cafe’s, outdoor entertainment, the big old spanish architecture, and the tiny cobblestone streets… we even had a picnic lunch at the old fort…

We got in really late last night and by the time we got back up to north GA it was raining and foggy, pretty typical for this time of year here. Yuck!

So come to my live show tonight at 7 pm est, we’ll turn the heat up!


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