2 responses to “Woo Hoo nominated for BusinessWoman of the Year!”

  1. mikesline says:

    Well Deserved ,She’s Hottest Ass On The Net ,President Of A Community She Created And Runs On A Daily Basis And Hottest Cam Show You Should See !!
    And a Great Site Also !!
    Just Give Her The Award,There Ain’t No One Out There Who Can Touch
    This Women.

  2. KingKeyKid says:

    Congratulations ViVe. I bet it feels amazing being on top again. You are No: 1 in the boardroom, bedroom, bathroom & ballroom. You are a diamond, a treasure and trophy trollop of the year. May we all enjoy drinking from your prize winning cups…love your No: 1 Wanker KingKeyKid

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