Need more proof why geeks rock my world?

No one of course took me seriously when I put on the main page at my official site a picture of me in a tshirt saying ‘I LOVE GEEKS’. Most of the fan mail was – to put it bluntly – sarcastic and downright rude to the folks who keep my server purring. Well you naysayers, this story just in from a reliable source in England, the journalistic pulitzer prize worthy mecca called the Sun (the same people who bring you Page 3 girls but refuse to have girls with implants – boy that is journalistic integrity!). A ‘detailed’ study confirms that IT workers are the least selfish in bed AND the most likely to use sex toys! Not only that, but office workers in general have sex more times a week than any other type of worker! (Read the empirical evidence here at the Sun).

For all you folks who think that you have to be a gym rat to be active in the sack, evidently fitness workers find dumbells more interesting than sex toys – placing last in the study of workers most likely to use such things.

So there you have it! Stick that in your hard drive! I love IT guys…. I have always said, geeks guys rule! Now I know what you are thinking…. ‘vicky, you are just fooling with us! it is the Sun!’ Nope! I have been studying the geek/nerd phenomenon for quite some time! While not quite as reliable as the Sun, an ABC News study also found that women always prefer nerds over jocks! (Check the story here).

Let me say it loud and proud! Vicky Vette LOVES GEEKS! Not only does hanging with geeks save on trips to the computer store but you can cuddle up and watch Star Trek on a Saturday night! Besides, if the Sun story is to be believed, you are more likely to get sex toys for presents than flowers! What else could a girl ever want? A guy who loves bytes and bandwidth and understands the importance of being ‘backwards compatible’!

If you are an IT guy! Try out my Official Site…. http://www.vickyathome.com/guest.htm. Have no fear IT guys. I really do get turned on by talk of back end programming and you are welcome at the Vette Nation!

Beam me up Scotty!
The IT workers down here like sex toys!!
Vicky Vette

4 responses to “WHY I LOVE GEEKS!!!!”

  1. Brian Locke says:

    Hey Vicki,
    I always knew you liked geeks ever since that time in Vegas when you hopped in my lap 🙂

  2. h0rnytoad1 says:

    i’m working on becoming a muscley geek, best of both worlds eh ? And i remember Startrek on sat night, that as fun ! home made pizza in the oven at 6:45, done and ready to eat by 7pm ! i loved that !

  3. Gio says:

    As I have said many times before, we geeks love you, Vicky! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend!

  4. hi Vikky

    i am a virgin

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