Why does every little tiff have to be in public now?

This just really bothers me. People have had disagreements since the beginning of time. In the past, if you had a differing opinion with someone in your office, you could chat in real life, you could go into that person’s office and sit face to face and discuss things like human beings, you could even buy the person a drink after work.

But nowadays everything is on twitter. Gawd, I’m so sick of it! Every tiny little disagreement ends up on twitter for the world to chime in on, bystanders with no knowledge of anything have to put their 2 cents in. Just two people on a date that goes bad, and all of a sudden it’s all over the internet. It always gets blown out of proportion, and it never ends well, for anyone involved.

I love this expression “Don’t feed the trolls”. Can’t we do our dirty laundry in private? EVER?

Speaking of laundry….

Vicky Vette doing laundry

Vicky Vette doing laundry

One response to “Why does every little tiff have to be in public now?”

  1. mikesline says:

    GaaAAWDammit i ‘m gonna put in my none-cents lol and tell ya im sad i missed you sunday cause i needed your corruption badly luv ya Commander

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