Who Wants to Be a Naked Cowboy?!? Take a Walk on the Wild Side….

My good friends over at http://www.paradisevalleyclub.com asked me to let you know that if you are a nudist, consider heading over to the BEST darn nudist resort in the United States. Why? Not only are all the girls and guys COMPLETELY BUTT ASS NAKED NUDE….. but it is a full on resort with booze! Nudity + booze + sun = really good time! The resort is a full scale ‘resort’ with pools, hot tubs, clubs, and other amenitites. You can stay in some kick ass condo units or just pull up your RV and camp out in the woods.

Every Saturday night, the folks that run the club have different themed parties, such as tonights Cowboy/Cowgirl themed night! Feeling like dressing up? Halloween at Paradise is a trip!!!! Naked people dressed up in lavish Halloween costumes is a sight to see.

Sooooooooooooo……. if you are close to GA, or driving through GA, stop off at http://www.paradisevalleyclub.com. Tell them Vicky Vette sent you over and I am sure they will comp you something like a tshirt or your first couple of beers! Who knows, you might have an eye popping experience that will leave a BIG smile on your face.

Their banner is on this blog by the way!

cowboy2 resize

4 responses to “Who Wants to Be a Naked Cowboy?!? Take a Walk on the Wild Side….”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    Sounds wonderfull!

    Could a certain blond vixen be intertaining the idea of having a stay at one of them condos soon ?

    Btw you look hot in them country girl gettup.

  2. Rick says:

    i really feel sorry for you

  3. dickdenice says:

    Just to say. I like you because of your attitude to life. Thanks.

  4. aroldito says:

    ok mami stas bien bien buena viendo esta foto me masturbo toda la semana mi monitor ya esta tan manchado de tanto acabarme con tu foto…!! rica

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