Who Knew Polaroids Could Be Sooooo Much Fun!

Alright so someone wrote to me and asked if I would mind taking some polaroids for him… mind? Of course not! Not entirely sure what the fascination is with polaroids…. something about wacking off to a polaroid and cumming all over it I think (maybe one of you can enlighten me).

Turned out that finding polaroid film was not easy…. they simply don’t make it anymore. Anyway, I managed, to score some polaroid film online. The request from the person who ordered the polaroids was simple… take some polaroids giving head.

Easy… right? Well, if you are a member of this website, you know that I do regular cam2cam events, with optional 2 way camming (you can see me, and – if you want – I can see you). I thought to ‘spice’ up the polaroids and to have fun with the members that I would have the polaroids taken WHILE MY MEMBERS HERE WATCHED. Soooo…. on a slow Friday night and totally unannounced, while I was on cam2cam, ‘Mr. Penis’ appeared and we proceeded to whip off a bunch of hot and nasty polaroids while I was, errrr, doing my thing. I even showed the results as they were developing.

The members sure enjoyed it, the guy who wanted the polaroids hopefully loved them, and the guy who got his dick sucked on camera? I KNOW HE ENJOYED IT! Win – Win!

The moral of the story? If you are a member of http://www.vickyathome.com, you never know what you might miss! I hear that Sunny Lane has given tours of the Bunny Ranch suite she uses cam2cam for example. You wanna get to know the Vette Nation girls? Join http://www.vickaythome.com and come meet me, Sunny, Nina, Sasha, Britney & Michelle.

Oh……… before I forget…. what do you think of the polaroids? I got a bunch of film so if you want to order something special email me at vicky@vickyathome.com. Here is a picture of the polaroids that were taken – a new fetish? Cumming on pictures of polaroids?

Before I forget – there is a BLAB CHAT TODAY! 4pm est. My chance to get up to speed with everyone here. Instant Messaging for all the folks at the Vette Nation – join and come say hi. Membership is only $24.95 a month and there are NEVER ANY EXTRA PER MINUTE CHARGES!


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  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    i was at that C2C show, i remember the polaroids very well, and i can assure everyone, it was alot of fun !

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