What A Fun Night With Shyla Stylez!!!!

I always like it when I get to hang out with friends! I love Shyla Stylez….. sexy, sweet, and such a good dancer. Anyway, Shyla is feature dancing at the Pink Pony…… and invited lucky me to check her out. Boy, did she put on a killer show!!!!!!!! Some people in the crowd had driven from other states to see her dance. Anyway, if you get the chance to see her dance, she is at the Pink Pony in Atlanta through Saturday. You won’t be disappointed.

The lucky guy in the middle? A good friend, Mr. Tim B who ‘loaned’ us a camera to shoot some porn! Little does he know what happens to a camcorder during a Vette Nation porn shoot! You know the exact time of the photo because the game is on in the background!!! Ha Ha.

Shyla Stylez ROCKS!!!!!!

shyla & vicky 1mb
IMG 0519
IMG 0508

3 responses to “What A Fun Night With Shyla Stylez!!!!”

  1. h0rnytoad1 says:

    2hot blonds, lots of hotness and softness, glad you had a good time , hope to see more of shyla soon in the vna

  2. Vicky —

    I am always amazed that you have the perky nipples and areolas of a 16-year-old !!


  3. Tim says:

    There’s a bar called Pink Pony about 40 miles from here. From what i understand a pink pony is a guy who’s well hung? A straight guy that is!? i’m not gonna go there until i find out. lol

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