We are BODY-ROCKIN! Are you?

Body-Rockin and The VNA never felt so right together! For the Sherrif of HoVille, just click through to see the rest! Hope you take as good a shot in the shirt I sent you! I want to see it right here baby, with a thong too!

4 responses to “We are BODY-ROCKIN! Are you?”

  1. feller469 says:

    You need a sherpa to climb those mountains

  2. James says:

    Aww thanks Vette, I do like how that logo is right on top of the “Moutains” haha

    And damn I hate taking pics of my self specially if they gonna show up on the web..LOL

    I’m like the shawdow, who is that guy?

    Like the voice on the phone in the show “Charlie’s Angels” don’t wanna break my persona like that..haha

  3. Benny says:

    Now that is a “rockin” shirt! My, my, my…….

    James? Shy? You act as if someone would take your pic and photoshop it on to someone else’s body. Shame on you…….

  4. James says:

    Some one photo shopping my pic, imagine that hummm..:)

    And yeah Vette is doing that shirt proud, thinks she’ll start a fad a run on logo eh..I can handle that 🙂

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